Friday, February 15, 2013

Speaking of 'Affairs'....

Jackie and Bobby. Did they or didn't they?

Similar to the JFK - Marilyn Monroe rumors, Jackie and Bobby stirred up their own gossip. Did these two really have an affair, or is it just a convenient daydream? Considering that Jackie and Bobby seemed to have more in common and even appear better suited for each other, some may believe that an affair between them was a given. At the same time, Jackie and Bobby were known for being 'good spouses', meaning they were the types to be unfaithful.

But then there are the rumors.

And the books. Several books claim Jackie and Bobby carried on a 4-year affair after JFK's assassination. What do you believe?

For a different take on the emotional Kennedy roller coaster, get your copy of  O! Jackie . Find out more about their relationship behind the scenes, and discover a crucial time when Bobby was there for Jackie--and her husband was notably absent... O! Jackie ..for those of us who can't get enough of the Kennedys, their scandals, and their tragedies.

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