Friday, February 15, 2013

The Truth About Gloves

Researching Jackie Kennedy's life for  O! Jackie , I discovered a few surprises about the famous first lady. One truth in particular that stuck out? Jackie's gloves. Now some may say that the gloves were all part of her fashion statement or the image she intended to create. Not so. Jackie Kennedy, or even the world for that matter, had no idea that almost twenty years after her death, those elbow length gloves she often wore would still be an enduring feature, one that's easily associated with her. If you notice, in some pictures, where she's wearing a gown or at a formal event, Jackie wears the elbow-length gloves. Other times, such as on the day of the assassination, she wore kid gloves, which only covered her hands. So why gloves? They were fashionable at the time. Jackie certainly came from a 'proper upbringing'--she attended finishing school, where young ladies learned posture, manners, and how to set a table. Perhaps, gloves were encouraged, but the simple truth is, Jackie thought her hands were unattractive, and the gloves were the perfect cover up.

Read more about Jackie, her time as first lady, and what drove her to an unlikely--and un-lady-like decision in O! Jackie .

Jackie Kennedy leaves the Carlyle Hotel in New York City wearing a ...

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