Monday, February 11, 2013

A Few Contradictions

There is much we admire about Jackie Kennedy: her style, devotion to family, and her poise under trying circumstances. As much as there is to adore, there are areas where she presents a tangle of contradictions.

Jackie disliked politics but loved history. One reason she didn't hit it off immediately with JFK was his career choice. Politics didn't interest her. Perhaps she hesitated when it came to dating the young senator, concerned that he would bore her.

She loved horses, owned a German Shepherd, but would a true animal lover wear furs and a leopard-print coat? (I admit, I'm not sure how 'genuine' that famous wrap was.)

She had no desire to be a housewife; Jackie dreamed of becoming a writer or developing a career in journalism, but when the Kennedy clan discouraged her, claimed that her focus needed to be on Jack's career and image, she gave in.

She smoked a great deal but didn't like to be photographed doing so.

Hats were not her favorite accessory, yet Jackie blazed a trail and made the pillbox famous. (Thanks in part to her head; designers loved the shape.)

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