Monday, February 25, 2013

Nude Jackie...?

You might be surprised, the places Jackie Kennedy ends up least in the fictional take I created about part of her life in O! Jackie. (Think remote Mediterranean of the Eiffel Tower...various places throughout the White House...a roach-infested motel in L.A. [yes, you need help picturing the last one]) Surprisingly, though, Jackie did appear nude in public, but not intending for the world to peek. While sunbathing on a private beach, well after her White House years, a crafty photographer captured pictures of au natural. As we've often seen in the media, this is an on-going battle of 'clever' paparazzi v. personal rights to privacy. For some reason, people's fascination with nudity never dulls. Hmm. Maybe there are two reasons not to think too hard on it.

Revisit the 60s, the Kennedys, and their scandals in O! Jackie.

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