Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jackie, Not Your Poster Girl

So many love Jackie. But why? Her timeless beauty, elegant style, constant poise under humiliating circumstances, and dignity that helped a nation grieve, certainly come to mind. But really, she was a very public figure that few knew much about. One reason for that was Jackie's stance on privacy. She kept to herself, and with that, most of her opinions and personal positions. Stunning, really, since most everyone today works at creating and perpetuating a platform of one sort or another. Yet, we don't know what Jackie's take was on abortion. Sure, she was in a Democratic family, but considering her difficult journey to motherhood (and later, the tragic loss of her newborn Patrick), there's a good chance she might've disagreed with such practices becoming legal. Or what about civil rights? You won't find any pictures of Jackie among a throng of protesters. AIDS? She didn't seem to jump on the celebrity bandwagons that developed during the 80s. No, but she is remembered for stepping in and speaking against the destruction of Grand Central Terminal, which is a building...Think about it: Jackie Kennedy was one of the most famous, well-respected women in the world, and for decades post-JFK and Onassis, she could've lent her voice to any number of notable causes. But she didn't. Instead, she edited books...on Michael Jackson and...fireworks (among other topics). Perhaps it's just me, but this seems like a sad, lost opportunity...

 Even so, admiration for her will endure.

But if you'd like to explore what Jackie might've been like behind closed doors, get your copy of O! Jackie.

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