Sunday, February 17, 2013

Who Would Marry Their Sister's Lover...?

In the summer and fall of 1963, rumor has it that Lee Radziwill and Aristotle Onassis were an item. Reports claim that this was Ari's way of getting close to the Kennedy family--and as close to Jackie Kennedy as he could get. It was also during this time, in October, that Jackie vacationed with Lee and Ari on his yacht, the Christina. It was a difficult time for Jackie, as her newborn Patrick had died in August.

But the getaway wasn't the first time Jackie and Ari had spent time together. In fact, Jackie had known Ari for years, as had JFK and the Kennedys. (Read a version of that encounter in O! Jackie, one where Jackie ends up naked....)

As we all know, Jackie and Ari end up married, but how many woman can say--or would want to say--they ended up with their sister's former lover? And we're talking Aristotle Onassis....does money really improve one's looks that much...?

But find out what other trouble Ari stirs up between the sisters in O! Jackie.

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