Monday, February 25, 2013

An Expert in Domestic Affairs

Well, if Wikipedia says it's true, then it must be.....Here's an excerpt from JFK's page:

Extra-marital relationships
Kennedy reportedly had affairs with a number of women, including Marilyn Monroe, Gunilla von Post, Judith Campbell, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Marlene Dietrich, and Mimi Alford Doctors speculated that the drugs the president required for Addison's disease had the side effect of increasing his virility.[161] The president remarked to UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, "I wonder how it is for you, Harold? If I don't have a woman for three days, I get terrible headaches."[256] Kennedy inspired affection and loyalty from the members of his team and his supporters.[257] According to Reeves, this included "the logistics of Kennedy's liaisons ... [which] required secrecy and devotion rare in the annals of the energetic service demanded by successful politicians."[258] Kennedy believed that his friendly relationship with members of the press would help protect him from revelations about his sex life.

Read more about JFK and his sexual exploits in O! Jackie--and find out what Jackie Kennedy did in an attempt to end her husband's wandering ways.

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