Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Icons for the Ages, part 2

What makes Marilyn such an icon? Why is she a legend compared to many of her contemporaries? Marilyn exuded a sexy confidence like no other. She could be playful and flirty on screen, but in real life, she was used, vulnerable, and tragic. Happiness eluded her in both of her marriages, and motherhood was a dream never realized. She made tongues wag in most men, and her figure even inspired Disney to model Tinkerbell after her. Even today, over fifty years after her passing, the Estate of Marilyn Monroe earns millions--more than she probably earned while living. Much like the Kennedys, Marilyn had that charisma, that charm, sex appeal, and ease that translated into all her work. But even with the world watching and salivating over her, Marilyn's life slid steadily out of control. Her dependence on pills and alcohol, erratic behavior, numerous affairs escalated before her death at age 36. Deepening the tragedy was the controversy surrounding her passing: Was it suicide, or Was Marilyn silenced? The truth remains unclear, but Marilyn's popularity promises to endure.

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