Thursday, February 21, 2013

O! Jackie

Few celebrities and even fewer politician's wives endure the test of time, but Jackie Kennedy was unlike any before her or since. What made her such an original was not only her tasteful style, but the fact that despite her beauty, wealth, and fame, Jackie knew a great deal of tragedy in her life, and she was consistently needled with reminders of her husband's infidelities. Despite the rumors and underlying humiliation, Jackie's public image never suffered. She never spoke an unflattering word about her husband or his actions, even though she appeared to be the 'perfect wife' who silently suffered.

On the other hand, wouldn't you like to know, or at least imagine, what went on behind closed doors between Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy? We've long wondered. There had to be conflict, confrontation to some degree.

O! Jackie deconstructs the fairy tale, dares to create those 'what-if' scenarios of Jackie and JFK's private life.

How much could one woman really take? And at some point, wouldn't she go over the edge? Wouldn't the persona crack?

Maybe...and what if it did?

Risk it: get your copy of O! Jackie here, and explore another side of 'Camelot.'

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