Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Icons for the Ages

What makes an icon? And when I say 'icon', I mean someone who has left a definite, lasting impression; someone who's name and image transcends generations and sparks a reaction. Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe are two examples. Both women ignite emotions but for different reasons. Equally famous for her style, poise, and preference for privacy, Jackie had no desire to become first lady or a champion for causes. The press often left a distaste in her mouth. What makes Jackie a beloved icon is her circumstance: she was widowed for all the world to see. Although she had a delicate nature, Jackie Kennedy slaved over the details of her husband's funeral, knowing that the assassination of a sitting president forever marked history's pages. Her dignity, strength, and grace exceeded expectaions during those four days of the country's intense mourning. She kneeled with Caroline next to JFK's casket, and made sure an even younger John Jr. gave his father a salute during the funeral procession. In the years that followed, Jackie's life became tabloid fodder, thanks to her union with Aristotle Onassis. Even so, no first lady has captured such favor with the American people.

Marilyn Monroe, on the other hand, is a completely different story....

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